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Law Preview wants to improve the academic performance of students in law school. To do that, we want to collect information on a voluntary, confidential and anonymous basis, including: grades, class rank, matriculation/graduation status, bar exam performance and employment opportunities of our scholarship recipients. If selected, we hope that you will help us in this mission by responding to periodic, anonymous surveys throughout your law school career. You are not required to respond to any surveys but, by doing so, you will help us measure the success of this scholarship program.


Cornell University School of Law

Cornell University School of Law Sponsoring Firm:
- Morrison & Foerster LLP

George Washington Univ. Law School

George Washington Univ. Law School Sponsoring Firm:
- Morrison & Foerster LLP

Univ. of California, Berkeley School of Law

Univ. of California, Berkeley School of Law Sponsoring Firms:
- Latham & Watkins

- Paul Hastings LLP

Univ. of Texas Law School

Univ. of Texas Law School Sponsoring Firm:
- Morrison & Foerster LLP